How to install Android apps on the BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10 devices until
now still has a fairly high
rate of users in the world.
Each year, the company
released a device that runs
using a BlackBerry 10 OS
with diverse designs and
specifications are
interesting. Currently,
BlackBerry OS 10 has
brought some reforms, one
of which is able to install
Android apps .
You can install Android Apk
format quite easily from
any source. Although the
BlackBerry does not explain
how to install Android Apk
format with clear, but how
to install the Android
application is quite easy to
do. Check out how to install
Android apps on the
BlackBerry on review
Find Android Application
Apk format
How to install Android apps
on the BlackBerry does not
have to go through an
application Apps BlackBerry
World becoming the Default
Apps in BlackBerry OS. You
can look it up by using the
Google search engine. From
various sources, you can
search for Android Apk
format and should be
designed for the Android
operating system 4.2 Jelly
Bean up. BlackBerry
expressed as Android
application that can be
installed on the BlackBerry
device 10 is not from the
official Android Market
Google Play Store, the
Android security is not
necessarily safe. But for you
who want to get a safe
Apk file, there are several
sites that can be trusted
and proven to be safe, such
as 1mobile Market APK
Train, Amazon App Store
and Snap APK Downloader.
Snap APK Downloader and
Amazon App Store can be a
major recommendation that
safety is assured because it
functions like a digital app
store providers.
Android Application Apk
Move Into BlackBerry
How to install Android apps
on the BlackBerry is the
next move Android Apk
format to the BlackBerry
device in your possession.
There are several ways that
you can do to move the
Android application into the
BlackBerry device. You can
directly download Android
Apk format via BlackBerry
devices directly if through a
source that supports such
APK Train, send Apk files to
your own email address or
copy Android Apk format
from the computer to the
BlackBerry device by using
a data cable.
Installing Android on the
If you download Android
Apk format directly from
your BlackBerry device, you
will get a download
window will open. The
display will ask for the
name to be used and the
desired place to store files
Apk. You can click on the
file and after the download
is complete, the installation
process will start running
and you just follow the
process. Another case if you
move the file. APK
downloaded using a
computer and move it
manually using the data
You are required to look for
the application first before
install. An easy way to find
Android applications is by
using the search feature is
available. You can open a
search feature which is
marked with the symbol of
a magnifying glass and type
keywords Apk. If the
process of moving the
Android application of
computers running
smoothly, the file you are
looking for will be found in
the Documents and Files. If
it is found, the next step is
just click the files that you
are going to install and the
installation process will start
Before installing, you can
set the BlackBerry device 10
in advance. First, you can
open the settings, then click
App Manager, select the
Installing Aps and change
the permissions be On.
Doing a little bit settings are
allowed BlackBerry 10
devices you can install
applications for Android.
Good luck!

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