Free App Call Voice Changer for your Android Phones

While browsing on YouTube, maybe you've seen one video with
different versions of the song
sounds like chipmunk voice. You
must be wondering, how can
they can produce quality sound like that? Now, your curiosity will be answered through an application that will discussed in this
Actually, a lot of software or
applications to change the sound that is circulating in the community, you also can find it easily. Some local mobile phone was there also are pinning feature voice changers or add sound effects on the cell phone. You as the owner of the Android phones are now able to run the application sounds easily modifier directly via your device.
Here is an application to change the sound of your existing Android device:
#Best Voice Changer#
Application to change the sound
that recommend named
Best Voice Changer. By using this application, you can fool your
friends, pretending to be a woman to tease your male friends. Various sound effects can be found in the application's Best Voice Changer.
Excellent feature of this application is to change your voice to be like Chipmunk, cats, robots, children, opposite sex (male / female), megaphone and others.
You can add background effects, so you as though in an atmosphere like the one in the background, such as airports, war, rain, air, roads and other places. In addition to the effect of the background, you can modify the sound of your own by adding effects Echo, Chorus and change the speed of your voice.
The resulting sound can you store in the form of .wav files and you could play them back at any time.
How to run applications Best Voice Changer you can do easily, run the application, choose the effect you want, then record your voice. In that instant, your voice will change the way you choose earlier. When you play back your voice, you can process them again as adjust the speed or sound effects Echo as described earlier.
Unfortunately, the application made by a developer named Scoompa can not change the sound when there is a phone call, it means you have to activate the application's Best Voice Changer before making or answering a call to someone you know. You can download it for free
on Google Play . the condition that you have at least Android OS Android 2.2 or above.
#Funny Call#
The second application that allows you to change the sound called Funny Call. This application is
probably the actual application you are looking for, why? Of course when you use an application to change your voice is actually the main purpose is to use it when making a phone call, and this is the actual function of the application made by the gridMOB
Features sound effects that exist in Funny Call app is more diverse, you can fool your friends by the sound of creepy people, aliens, ransom, cyborg, or the other woman.
How to run a Funny Call app looks simple, run the application first, choose the effect you want, then select the friend you want to call.
Wait until the phone is connected. While having a phone conversation, do not worry if the application is not working, the sound
effects will not be directly heard by you, but it will be heard by a friend that you call before, fun is not it?
You can download this application for free course on playstore
#Ultra Voice Changer#
Application to change the last
sound recommend is Ultra Voice Changer. In general, applications Ultra Voice Changer app is similar to other voice changers, just looks more simple.
Thus even with the sound effects produced features such as Robot, Alien (Goauld), Alien 2 (Asgard), Backwards, Chipmunk, Cyborg 1-2 (Daleks), Deep, Freaky 1, Helium (Despicable Minion), Possessed, Echo, Bee , Hyper, Slow Motion and effect.
When you run the application, then record your voice, try to play with different volumes. It is useful to know how far the functions of the application Ultra Voice Changer works. All you need to remember, when you record the sound, it could be the app will instantly save it, for a duration of 1 minute audio file sound that you record, its size can
reach 1,3MB. Interested? You can
download apps Ultra Voice Changer for free on google playstore .

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