Download Skype for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download Skype for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Download Skype for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Download Skype for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

The freeware Skype allows free phone calls to other Skype users over the Internet. In addition, the exchange of text messages and transferring files is possible.

The software supports VoIP calls with up to 25 participants simultaneously. Who additionally has a webcam, can also talk via video conference with his counterpart. It is also possible to ring using a function called Skypeoutjedes landline or mobile phone in the world. In addition, the sending of SMS messages is possible. However, calls to landlines and mobile networks and the sending of SMS are chargeable, but generally at great rates.

Skype shows all the friends and acquaintances clearly in a buddy list. New contacts can be added by directly entering usernames or use the search. But if you want to add new friends in his contact list, must obtain their permission beforehand. The user gets a new message, it has Skype with different sounds or messages indicate the incident. All instant messages can be saved in a history.

Other features at a glance:

     Start Wizard
     Call forwarding
     custom status message
     automatic call acceptance
     individual grouping of contacts
     animated emoticons
     different language versions
     Video function
     Transferring video chat in HD quality
     Receive landline calls
     Public Chats: Communicating with people outside the contact list
     record phone calls
     Sharen video clips possible
     Capture still images from Video Conferencing
     Exchange of ideas on a whiteboard
     Add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox
     Import contacts from Gmail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook
     Redial function
     Forwarding function (to individual or group)
     Access to Wi-Fi hotspots on his Skype Credit (Skype Access)
     UPnP implementation
     Audio Library

All new features and changes can be again in the official
Release Notes read.

New in 5.7:
Users can now initiate discussions on the VoIP client without having to open your browser and log in to the social network. They must link their Skype and Facebook contacts with each other by clicking on Skype at the Facebook tab "Connect with Facebook". Then can be selected from the list a Facebook friend. After clicking on the button "video call" the callee then accept the call directly on Facebook.

Version 5.8 includes the following enhancements:

     Full HD video chat
     Support for Facebook Audio and video chat (beta)
     Screen Sharing for Groups
     Offline Facebook contacts can hide
     Push to Talk
     Skype update service
     Bing Bar Integration

Version 6.1 includes the following enhancements: Outlook Integration

In Version 6.13 of the known error was corrected that the CPU usage is high when Skype interacts with Chrome as the default browser. Also, the program stability has been improved - both during the group video calling as well as in high DPI mode.

In version 6.20 Skype now offers a feature that lets notifications appear in future only on one device, namely, that the user has just deployed - and not at all on which he has registered his log-in data.

With the current version 6.22 the design of the VoIP application has been revised throughout, which is now based on the mobile versions mainly in the chat area. Furthermore, the representation of the sent by users photos has been improved. Moreover exchanged files are now linked depending on the file type with different icons. Another new feature is that the window can be divided simultaneously in a conversation and a chat view with telephone calls respectively video calling. Among other things, in order to simplify the conversation during the file transfer.

Skype convinced by a very good voice quality and secure connections. It is fine with firewalls and routers can be set up without extensive settings. The ability to hold a conference with up to ten people, is an interesting feature not only for home users.

    - Download
    - For businesses, the version with MSI Installer is suitable: Skype for companies (Download: 27.5 MB)

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