McAfee provides its products flow threat intelligence

McAfee benefited from its
customers and partners conference this week in Las Vegas to
announce a major effort to
integrate intelligence data on cyber threats to its products. And thus add a new layer of data exchange between them - from endpoint protection tools to ePolicy Orchestrator - to enable them to share information about threats via the new McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE).
But the company wants to go
further with its technology offering to third parties to obtain licenses to integrate their products. "The layer data exchange is an environment to share information," said Mike Fey seriously, executive vice president and general corporate products and CTO of McAfee. He added that "we
invite our competitors to be
partners. "
The first iteration of TIE was
recently launched and is internal deployments and information
sharing within companies. But the company therefore has greater ambitions for him. CyberArk, Titus, and ForeScout have already agreed to join the initiative.
But if the intention may seem
laudable, many obstacles appear.
Cisco, Juniper or ForeScout just
each have their information sharing technology. Mitre Corp offers two open specifications. FireEye claims authorship via Mandiant, the NIST standard in this area. In a recent interview granted to the editor, Ashar Aziz, FireEye founder, hailed the efforts of the industry in terms of sharing information on threats.
But he also explained understand "sometimes with some skepticism ads, waiting to see the reality behind the marketing. "And to ensure already have an ecosystem of thirty partners for sharing security information.

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