Google Play Movies Streaming Services Official Broadcasting

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies Streaming Services Official Broadcasting

Google present the latest innovations, this time Android application store - Google Play Store has been equipped with a new feature, namely the google movie streaming service. With the presence of this feature, now Android users can enjoy watching movies directly on its Android devices. Feature called Google Play Movies offers a collection of movies that can be purchased or rented by users.

The film could have been purchased or leased directly offline viewing via smartphones or tablets that have the Android operating system. According to information reported by Android Police, Friday (07/31/2015), there are several categories provided by Google in the Google Play Movies. These categories include there veranda, popular movies and the latest movie. Users can also view a genre movie you want to watch.

The genre films presented are complete, ranging from movie action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, animation, and even documentaries..Price adjusted to the preferences of the resolution and quality of the films that favored users.

However, that is still a problem for users of Android so far is Google's streaming movie service is only available for a while in Malaysia and Indonesia. Even so, Google revealed that they would soon release this service to other countries in the near future.

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