Microsoft's Windows 10 now can be downloaded

final version windows 10

The final version of Windows 10 finally became available officially. Once there is in the beta for nine months, Microsoft's latest operating system now can be downloaded by users . As microsoft promised, laptops or PCs that use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can download and install Windows 10 for free.

To use Windows 10 users should download the Windows 10 installation files via the windows 10 official link . In the link, the user is prompted to download the file initial installation of Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit. The file size is not too big, only about 19 MB only.

Once was installed, the system will automatically download the file Windows 10. Instead, reserving the storage media of about 3 to 4 GB for Windows 10 the file downloads. There are two installation options of Windows 10.

First, immediately upgrading the old Windows to Windows 10 . When tested, the first option is not yet functioning. The second option is to make the installation package to a USB flash drive or create ISO files. The second option allows the results of the download can be used to install Windows 10 on another computer.

Look for a new Windows logo in the notification area, precisely right corner of boils. Alternatively, users can get Windows 10 througt Windows 10. All applications Get a qualified computer systems, typically will get the application in conjunction with the Windows update some time ago. However, not all devices can download the installation file using the method above. Users have to queue because Microsoft must deploy these files to millions of devices worldwide.

Get a Windows 10 application can be seen in the lower right corner of the taskbar, right in the row of the notification. Through this application, users can sign up to get the installation file. Later, the application will provide notification, if Windows 10 is ready for download. Users also can check whether a computer is used or is not compatible with Windows 10.

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