New Google Now feature : Send user's voices using WhatsApp and WeChat

New Google Now feature : Send user's voices using WhatsApp and WeChat

Google has released an update to Google Now application. In the latest version, Android users now can send messages through third-party applications using only the user's voice. In this update, messenger application that is supported by the feature, as summarized from The Verge, Wednesday (07/29/2015), is WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber,Telegram, and NextPlus.

The supported applications is still not too much, but it covers a wide range of popular applications that have a large user base, such as WhatsApp and WeChat. How to use these features quite easy. Users only need to utter a sentence, for example, "OK Google, send a WhatsApp message." From there, Google Now will ask, to whom the message will be sent. Call it the name of the people in the contact list WhatsApp. Then, say the message to be sent.

After that, the system will ask whether the message really want to be sent or not. If yes, say "yes". Users can also directly use the full sentence to send a message. For example, "OK Google, send a message to Wechat: Hi How are you?". Automatically, the system will send a message, "Hi How are you?" to Wechat.

This feature must not be used if the user has not activate voice features in Google Now . How to activate, select Google Settings, then Search & Now, select Voice, Google Detection OK, the last turn on the feature From Any Screen. For now, the new feature supports English only. The Internet giant promises to deliver support for other languages ​​in the future.

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