New release console game "Sony PlayStation TV" in the United States, Britain, and Europe

Sony PlayStation TV New release console game "Sony PlayStation TV" in the United States, Britain, and Europe

Sony said the PlayStation TV will be launched in the US on October 14 for US $ 99. Similar console will launch in Europe on 14th November for 99 euros. Variations PlayStation TV feature in the two regions is designed differently. In Europe, the purchase of the console will be added three free games.

While in the US, shoppers can access the PlayStation TV streaming gaming service Sony or PlayStation known as Now. The common features in the two regions is Sony's gaming library access via Remote Play. Competition Some analysts said Sony's action as an effort to compete with similar console games by accessing the stream and displayed on a television screen, such as AppleTV and Roku.

"These televisions can compete with other similar devices, such as Apple, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. The device is not the most powerful streaming service and not the nicest game devices, but enough when viewed from the price, "said Brian Blau, research head technology to consumers in the Gartner institute, told the BBC.

Other analysts argue that television game console is not aimed at the segment 'addicts' game, but for those who want to reminisce with old play PlayStation games. "Sony PlayStation try to introduce to a broader segment. They can target consumers with low incomes so that they can get access to a library of games, "said Michael Pachter, a researce analyst at Wedbush Securities securities agencies.

However, Pachter predicts Sony PlayStation TV will not be a great success. "This is a device that is strange and difficult to explain to a lot of people," he said. Announcement of the launch date of the PlayStation TV surfaced in the press conference in the exhibitio game Cologne, Germany. There, Sony claimed to have sold 10 million units of the PlayStation 4.

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