SCR Screen Recorder Pro APK v0.17.5

SCR Screen Recorder Pro APK v0.17.5

Many ask us which application do our gameplays ... this issue should already be old acquaintance of users ScreenCast, but due to some bugs and incompatibilities, today I, Felipe Santos say that the best application to record your Android screen SCR ScreenRecorder.

The Application has a simple interface, but is very powerful with respect to the recording and summarization of videos. It is easy to set up, but is still in beta and may have bugs according to the device. I use it here perfectly and retired the ScreenCast.

Remember that this type of application requires root access (Root) and a device with settings at least reasonable, but may bring locking the same. Recalling also that unlike ScreenCast, the SCR is fully compatible with TEGRAS, allowing you, the users of this GPU make their tutorials.

Videos using SCR at max settings

Need For Speed ​​MW - by Rodrigo Silva (720p)
(Put at full 720p resolution and fullscreen for a better view)

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