Electric mountain bike "Stealth " like a motocross machine

Electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bike "Stealth " like a motocross machine

Stealth electric bike is essentially a normal mountain bike, so protective half-head should have been enough. But behind the bike frame of chrome (or chemical element chromium) there 5,2kW powered electric engine, which is able to provide a quick pace that could suddenly dropped riders.

Stealth -an Australian company that manufactures creations on the outskirts of Melbourne- described it as a machine motocross and mountain bikes. There are three models: the level of initial F-37 Fighter, B-52 Bomber -which has pedals and a motor- and H-52 Hurricane -with the pedal is locked so as motocross machine. Numbers on each model reflects the strength of the machine, and 3,7kW and 5,2kW enough to encourage the creation of weighing 53kg can reach a maximum speed of up to 80km / h. Stealth Bomber riding as something unreal.

There is a sudden strong force. Lifting the front tire while running does not need a big effort. Clearly easy pedaling without electrical power assistance on a flat road, but you will be able to feel the weight when it began to climb.

Stealth several times heavier than ordinary mountain bikes but very mild compared with the motorcycle. It weighs a relatively small combined with lithium-ion phosphate batteries made ​​riders can pedal up to the speed of 80km / h, so the company says its maker. Just as hybrid cars, Stealth harvest energy when walking downhill to charge the battery. If the battery is taken out of the bike, then only need two hours of charging .

One of the main advantages Stealth is a computer screen which not only shows how much electricity is used but also generated by pedaling and more importantly -which again-mileage based on the remaining power is still there.

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