Easy way to delete delta-homes (from Firefox,crome,iE,safari, and opera)

It happens more often than installing a harmless program on our computer, thanks to an unclear and misleading, we are left with installed programs or toolbars such as Delta homes that modify the settings of our browser, changing your home page in the cases less severe or allow the display of advertising continuously ever required and at inappropriate times. This type of program is called redirect virus and in this article I explain the safest way to remove it, without which nothing remains, proceeding manually.

How to delete http://delta-homes.com/ from our computer?

- Let's start by going into the tool to uninstall the programs and check if there is something inherent in delta-homes and let's remove it but, remember that the delta-homes is installed behind or with other programs and then uninstall everything and you suspect that you know not you have installed.
The uninstall tool for Windows XP can be found in My Computer / Installations and applications for Windows 7 / Vista Control Panel / Programs and then Programs and Features for Windows 8 Properties / Control Panel / Programs and Features.
- Click Start / Run or "window key + R" and type regedit and ok, then we go on Edit and Find, which is located on the top menu and try everything that has the word delta-homes and eliminiamoli, F3 to move forward and find them all.
- Download the program HiJackThis , we scan and eliminate the string that contains the 'hated link if it is still present.

How to remove Delta-homes from Firefox?

We do a manual cleaning in mozilla firefox:
- Let us go in the options of our Mozilla Firefox, we click the Tools / Options / General and change the link page with such http://google.it/, we click Manage Add-ons and check if one of the plug-ins and extensions there is something delta-homes or something that you are sure you have not installed, and let's remove it.
- Let's go in the file browser inserndo in the address bar about: config Click "I promise I will pay attention" and enter delta-homes.com in the filter bar that will appear and if they were to appear keys with this address, click on it , delete it and click OK or if you prefer replaced hated this link with your favorite google.com. Usually the changes involved are: keyword.URL, browser.search.defaultengine, browser.search.selectedengine, browser.newtab.url but, of course, depending on which program you installed behind may find other files to edit.
- There may yet be in 'shortcut icon then click with the right mouse button on' icon to open Firefox and Property / connection check that in Destination check if near "firefox.exe" there is the 'hated link http : //delta-homes.com/ and otherwise Eliminate it.
It should be back to business as usual.

How to delete delta-homes from google chrome?

For chrome as for other browsers we proceed manually:
- Click on 'icon in the upper right corner for custom chrome and Tools / Extensions and eliminated all those extensions that you are sure you have not installed. In this way it should no longer appear but might still be present as the home page, in this case, dinuovo click the icon at the top right and then Settings and in the window that appears, delete the link if it is present in the various options "start" or "Home" and replace it with the one you like and manage search engines can also change your search engine.
- As recommended by firefox check if in 'shortcut icon used to open Chrome there is the' hated doing the link mentioned.
There should be no other problems.

How to delete delta-homes from Internet Explorer?

We proceed manually for Internet Explorer:
- Click on Tools / Add-In Manager and remove toolbar delta-homes or what you are sure you have not installed. It might still be present as the home page, in this case, click on Tools / Internet Options / General and replaced the link to the home page with the one you prefer. If still you appear click with the right mouse button on 'icon that opens IE and then on Properties / Connection and Destination check if next to "iexplore.exe" there is a link and if not, delete it.

Removing delta-homes from Safari?

For the Safari browser, the solution is simple and quick:
- Opening Safari go to Edit / Preferences and change the home page with the one you like and then see if there is something similar between the extensions to other found in previous inherent in delta-homes and eliminated altogether.
- Just to be safe, as the last step, also check the 'icon to open Safari as explained for other browsers.

How to uninstall delta-homes from Opera?

For the Opera browser, the solution is simple:
- Click on the drop-down menu in the upper left and go to Settings / Preferences and change the voice at Home with the one you prefer.
- Dinuovo Click on the dropdown menu and see if there is something in the Extensions that you are sure you have not installed, otherwise remove it.
- Close the browser and open it again, and if it were to reappear do a check on 'icon browser startup as described for earlier browsers.

We should have removed all traces of this delta-homes as the last thing you do a scan with AdwCleaner , a small portable tool so quiet you will not have to install anything, and finally click on Clean to remove what it finds.

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