The best alternative browser for PC

I wanted to create a list of the best browsers, including those unknown to many, excluding the most common and still recommended unpopular internet browser. Taking into account many criteria including speed, security, functionality, graphics and ease of use we see what we can recommend to try:

What are the best browser among those unfamiliar/The best alternative browser for PC?

This is a browser created by Japanese developers but now based in the US. Its main NL Nederlands, unique in its kind, is to have multiple render engines including the 4 major, Trident (used by Internet Explorer), Gecko (used in Firefox), Webkit (used by Chrome), Presto (used by Opera), so it's like having all common browsers on hand and view websites as if it was the browser that we want in a single click, very useful for developers of websites. Among the many functions the most appreciated it is also to be able to install the same in the main browser extensions and plug-ins that we install in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, although not all are compatible but, however, in most cases, have to disposal numerous canned scripts and bookmarklets that come to help. You can customize almost anything, it is relatively the aspect that behavior.

This is a browser that uses engines redering MSHTML and WebKit and pleases those who sail with many tabs open as you can adjust every aspect of each card separately as adjust the volume of each card, or other page elements (images, scripts , flash ...). It integrates several functions that allow browsing cloud stop navigation at any time and then continue on other mobile devices, or you can see your history, your bookmarks and navigate using your preference with easy access to Maxthon Passport. Also interesting functions for taking notes on the fly, Super Drag & Drop (widening the number of shares by dragging objects and words highlighted as a link), the list of "undo" for backtracking on error, the mode Ultra and others. The downside is that the majority of plug-ins have a description in Chinese and is not suitable for older PCs that have limited performance.

This is a version based on Firefox code with a lightweight and optimized for modern processors and this brings an increase in speed of rendering web pages and, also, a cosumo ram slightly lower. Among the main features we see that service is also silent upgrade, a PDF viewer, specialized accessibility features, parental controls, and WebRTC .Utilizza l 'user interface of Firefox 28 and earlier (not Australis, criticized by many) Adds' 64-bit computing and hardware acceleration support. Exposes more configuration options, such as scrolling and status bar. It supports extensions and themes propylene but also Firefox. Bar was functional and more freedom in customizing. Able to import the existing Firefox profiles with the migration tool.

Comodo Dragon
This browser is developed by Comodo Group, the same company that produces the well-known antivirus and firewall. It 'also this saddle on Chromium using an interface similar to Google Chrome but unlike this does not use tracking systems and other features that compromise privacy rather provides additional security measures. social network this means that if you select an object on a page and drag on the right side, you will see a transparent menu with shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn to share in the same manner and to the right you can perform searches. Other technical differences make a good web browser for privacy.

This browser from which Google Chrome. The program is available for Linux distributions Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux and Puppy Linux, FreeBSD and many other including Lubuntu, where it is used as the default browser. By default, Chromium supports only codec Vorbis, Theora and WebM for HTML5 audio and video as well as MP3 and AAC. E 'can install the same extensions of Chrome. Chromium differs from browser weblog Google for the following characteristics: Lack of Flash Player; Absence of the PDF viewer; Absence of the preview and different printing process; If the system updates automatically; No option to send usage statistics and crash reports; In the absence of the Google brand name and logo different.

This is a browser based on Gecko engine redering with Mozilla Firefox is although it is not a project that is updated daily is noteworthy, however, as it has been created with particular attention to the speed of the program, rather than the graphics, which is light and minimalistic . It has a dedicated interface for plugins very flexible, menus and buttons can be fully customized through configuration files. Since XUL is used in place of the native interface of Windows, no theme and only a few Mozilla extensions can be installed. This severely limits their compatibility with other Mozilla applications, but allows for better integration with the appearance of Windows and a faster browser starts, compared to software with XUL interface.

This is one of the few alternative browsers based on Internet Explorer, which needs to be installed to function. It offers many options in Opera that do not exist in Internet Explorer and a peculiar feature of this browser is the function Tri-Core, which lets you choose to use one of three different rendering engines available (Gecko, WebKit, Trident) to display a page. Among the most interesting features, Avant Browser provides a system for online storage of your profile, the mouse gesture, an RSS feed reader, a rapidly changing security settings, an easy management of bookmarks and more. Despite a graphic unattractive it is definitely faster in loading pages in Internet Explorer.

This is a very lightweight and fast browser based on webkit engine redering. When you first start, we can import bookmarks from any other browser. Among the tools are a Web Inspector to analyze the code of the websites, the advertising block, block pop-ups, change of user-agent and lots of options. Supporto di stili diversi applicativi per emulare l'aspetto di Windows XP, Windows Vista, CDE, Motif, etc. The browser homepage is inclusive of a number of links to dial those that are the most popular websites, such as eBay, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and others .

Another very lightweight browser based on the Webkit engine redering. Has a system of integrated adblocking, an RSS reader, Click2Flash to block Flash content, Speed ​​Dial if you open a new tab to open immediately the favorite sites and most experienced similar to Opera, stored passwords option, option settings privacy option User Agent and other external plugins are available on their website. QupZilla uses as a graphic model, the desktop theme, but in the Options menu (Tools menu), you can change the look with other styles. And 'possible, also, download the portable version.

This is one srtrumento that is part of the applications made provisions from Mozilla fact is partly based on the Firefox engine and is designed to the exacting of who makes many uses of web browsing. It combines the features of a browser for surfing the Internet with the functions of a manager of e-mail and news groups, an HTML editor to edit your own website and an IRC chat program and you also offers an address book where you can save your contacts, all of these tools in one. It 'a very simple browser with all the basic functions, nothing more, which makes it very light so if you want something with a lot better to opt for other functions. Good program useful if you use all of these tools, which allows a quick transition from one application to another and there ecvita to install many programs.

This is a little known Japanese browser that uses the rendering engine Blink. It 's fast, it has a look and feel similar to Firefox, Chrome-like functionality with the addition of full-screen mode of Internet Explorer 10. It has many customization options external plug-ins, scrip, you can also inportere all settings Chrome, including extensions and bookmarks, has a feed reader that integrates with Google Reader allows you to split the sources into categories and favorites, you can follow RSS feeds from Facebook, Google News, Instagram and many other sites, you integrates with various social networks to share any web page or click with the right mouse button on an image to load it or share it, you can create a link with Dropbox and Skydrive to save files on the internet, you can send a link to the mobile propio where it installed the Sleipnir Linker to many other common tools.

ZipZap browser
This is a browser created for families based on Chromium and although it does not offer the best default security settings or privacy on the market, but from parents the opportunity to exercise some control over the navigation of their guys. With ZipZap, each family member has their own account browser, on which the main administrator (mom or dad) can implement a number of controls, including: establishing filters that prohibit access to certain types of content sites and online ; create a list of friends with whom the children are allowed to communicate and interact; set a navigation adapted to their age.

Another web browser based on webkit, simple, one of the lightest and also fast. In addition to the most common functions we can mention the integrated spell checker, tool for debugging / inspection (DOM element inspect), integration with Maemo when used on smartphones, full-text search on the page, mouse gesture, panels repositioned at will, zoom images, Composer fast (speed dial). It has a high attention to private browsing, user scripts and keyboard interface customizable. Its default search engine is DuckDuckGo and has a sidebar full of bookmarks and a new way to put the bar which can be useful if you use the full screen. a good alternative if you look for a lightweight browser.

This browser all Italian parental controls free and free distribution designed to protect Internet browsing of the smallest. Based on the Gecko engine redering, it is custom designed for children so everything is very clean and simple, and perhaps for this reason not riestrerĂ  among the best for adults but surely is the best for children. Among the main eatures we include: protection based on Heuristic Algorithm, Heuristic Protection of keywords, Protection of Blacklist and Whitelist Addresses, import files from Blacklist, Mozilla Gecko rendering engine, detection and closing other browsers, online help in Italian.

This is a browser based on Google Chrome but optimized for online gamers. Adds features to improve the game experience as a tool for capturing images (screenshots) of any portion of the page or desktop, and if we want to share it via social function to simulate keyboards, instrument "Record and Play" if a game requires repetitive actions of the mouse and make them automatically, the Multi-login, speed of play, the button resets closed

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