How Recording and Streaming Video Game Console

The existence of YouTube and other online video sites allow players to share the
experience. Playing the
game well is important but,
watching others is also important to increase our
knowledge of game play.
Sometimes, there are little things that are important
but missed by us so, by watching the video it can
terihat. Playing games consoles such complex
Karbal very pelu Space Program visualization
tutorial, because it's a video
game channel on YouTube so crowded.
He is also constantly
evolving game reviews.
Make a video recording of
the game play is needed. If
PC games might be a bit freer to record the
applications available today,
however, is rather limited gaming console it. Record
gaming is possible but need the funds for it.

External Recorder
one way to record a game console is the external tool. This is a small
part of a recording device such as Roxio Game
Capture HD Pro are connected to your console
via HDMI or cable. This tool looks simple but is actually quite complex because his ability is some what varied.
There are a few things you
should consider when using this tool.
First, the resolution of the
recording. Cheap tools are generally recorded with a
resolution of 720p or 1080i and some can only handle
standard format. Especially for video games, at least we need resulusi 720p and
full 1080p (HD).
Next, you need quality. You
also have to consider the level of bit rate is the
number of video frames per second. Some recording devices at low bit rates
which sometimes gives an unclear image and blur.
High-end recording device
such as Elgato Game Capture HD can record 30
Mbps or more. Do not forget, increasing the bit
rate, resolution and file size which also requires large
After seeing the bit rate you
also have to look at the video format because most video formats only provide seikit option (Mp4 is
common). Specifications
audio formats is important.
Some of their only means of stereo only, while the
other can record 5.1 audio.
Perhaps this is somewhat
relative because some games do not really need a
voice such as Call Of Duty, who just want to show the
number of enemies killed,
but there are some who want to watch a game tape also want
to hear his voice,
and his voice ugly will likely be passed by them.
With specs like that, you need to connect your
recorder to the computer when you're playing and
automatically record to your
computer with software built such a device.

AverMedia Game Capture HD II.
This tool can record and connect to the hard drive and the
recording can be edited without a PC with the default application.
Internal recording (with a next-gen console)
External recording device is able to work on all consoles but, next-gen consoles will provide this feature along
with support

Twich.TV or more often called Twich are streaming
video website that targets
gamers exclusively. This site has always worked closely
with game developers and
now with the new console, they also work closely with
hardware manufacturers
such as Xbox and
Playstation 4 One will support this service.
This means that the console can directly send the video directly to Twich use the
share function is found in the Xbox and Playstation
One 4 The quality is good for video size, resolution,
frame rate and bit rate but do not know when it is
published later. However,
the convenience of using this feature is undoubtedly make a video stream console games will be
popular again.
So far, the console makers and Twich not say anything
about their record
application. the
user will easily recording their own video stream in the computer by using a tool that has been prepared Twich. This is good news for people who want to record
gamingnya activity because
it will reduce the additional funds and to make live
stream easier.
Unfortunately, for a long time there has been no
consoles will have this feature also because it does
not have multitasking
capabilities such as next-gen
consoles Twich this need.
Record a video of the console difficult. In order not to hard you have to have a
recording device as described above, connect to
a TV or computer. The harder part is, you make a
video or not entertaining,
informative or not. This is all to get a YouTube viewer or Twich.

How to Download Music For Free From Google Play Music To Android Phone

At the present time,many people who listen to music directly via his mobile phone. Continues its popular streaming
music service
makes listening to music through the phone has become something that is
often done. The streaming music service provides a
way for users to access various types of music from various genres. You can
play your favorite music artists and your favorite
Google Play Music To Android is a music
streaming service that you can use. The one service
that can store a variety of music that you want offline.
However, it can only be done only by album, song,
or playlist. Do you want to store a variety of music
without the need to connect to
the internet through the
Google Play Music is this?
You want to download free music from your
favorite artists? There is a way that you can take for granted that you desire.
Computer Settings
Play Music is one of the best music player for Android. You will have easy
through the music player on this one. Playlist to brighten your songs, then you need to perform some steps that
you can download free music directly through your
Device. The first step that you need to run is, visit on your computer. After
that, select the My Library area, located at the top left bar. It will take you to the
Artist panel, but you need to visit is the panel Songs.
From here, select the first song to your library by
clicking on the song.
Then scroll down the Shift key while pressing for the last song in your collection.
This activity will select all the songs you want in your collection. Once you select a
song, then the next thing you need to consider is the gray colored bar that appears at the top. Click on
the icon with a picture of three small spheres, select Add to playlist, and then
select New Playlist. You can
give a name to your heart's
content, and then you have to get a new Playlist.
Settings On Android With your music collection
in it, now open Google Play
Music app on your Android device. Tap on the Icon
Headphones at top left to
access the menu and select Playlist. In the article under
All Music Playlist will appear. Then scroll down to
find the Playlist you created
and tap on the Playlist.
After that, your music playlist will appear. Tap on
the music you want, the color bar will change from
gray to orange.
If the bar has been turned
into orange color, the music has was downloaded on
your Android device. Now,
you can listen to music directly on your Android
device without connecting
to the internet. However, please note, the download process, you will use the
internet quota greater. So,
pay attention to quotas and
collection of music that you want to download.
Listen to Music Offline If you are lovers of music,
then you can listen to music
whenever you want. Play
Music Through Google, you
will get a best streaming music service on your
Android device. But, one day if we're not connected to the internet, what would we listen through the
service? With a few tricks and settings on computers
and Android devices, now
you can listen to music through the Offline Google
Play Music on your Android device.

How to install Android apps on the BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10 devices until
now still has a fairly high
rate of users in the world.
Each year, the company
released a device that runs
using a BlackBerry 10 OS
with diverse designs and
specifications are
interesting. Currently,
BlackBerry OS 10 has
brought some reforms, one
of which is able to install
Android apps .
You can install Android Apk
format quite easily from
any source. Although the
BlackBerry does not explain
how to install Android Apk
format with clear, but how
to install the Android
application is quite easy to
do. Check out how to install
Android apps on the
BlackBerry on review
Find Android Application
Apk format
How to install Android apps
on the BlackBerry does not
have to go through an
application Apps BlackBerry
World becoming the Default
Apps in BlackBerry OS. You
can look it up by using the
Google search engine. From
various sources, you can
search for Android Apk
format and should be
designed for the Android
operating system 4.2 Jelly
Bean up. BlackBerry
expressed as Android
application that can be
installed on the BlackBerry
device 10 is not from the
official Android Market
Google Play Store, the
Android security is not
necessarily safe. But for you
who want to get a safe
Apk file, there are several
sites that can be trusted
and proven to be safe, such
as 1mobile Market APK
Train, Amazon App Store
and Snap APK Downloader.
Snap APK Downloader and
Amazon App Store can be a
major recommendation that
safety is assured because it
functions like a digital app
store providers.
Android Application Apk
Move Into BlackBerry
How to install Android apps
on the BlackBerry is the
next move Android Apk
format to the BlackBerry
device in your possession.
There are several ways that
you can do to move the
Android application into the
BlackBerry device. You can
directly download Android
Apk format via BlackBerry
devices directly if through a
source that supports such
APK Train, send Apk files to
your own email address or
copy Android Apk format
from the computer to the
BlackBerry device by using
a data cable.
Installing Android on the
If you download Android
Apk format directly from
your BlackBerry device, you
will get a download
window will open. The
display will ask for the
name to be used and the
desired place to store files
Apk. You can click on the
file and after the download
is complete, the installation
process will start running
and you just follow the
process. Another case if you
move the file. APK
downloaded using a
computer and move it
manually using the data
You are required to look for
the application first before
install. An easy way to find
Android applications is by
using the search feature is
available. You can open a
search feature which is
marked with the symbol of
a magnifying glass and type
keywords Apk. If the
process of moving the
Android application of
computers running
smoothly, the file you are
looking for will be found in
the Documents and Files. If
it is found, the next step is
just click the files that you
are going to install and the
installation process will start
Before installing, you can
set the BlackBerry device 10
in advance. First, you can
open the settings, then click
App Manager, select the
Installing Aps and change
the permissions be On.
Doing a little bit settings are
allowed BlackBerry 10
devices you can install
applications for Android.
Good luck!

Speed up Internet connection With Chrome on android devices

Speed up Internet connection With Chrome on android devices

For anyone who wants a fast
internet using Android browser,
then Chrome is one right choice.
However, you will also find a lot of
time is wasted when not directly
open the web page because of a
slow internet connection. With
some settings in Chrome, you can
speed internet connection to
open various web that you want.
First, go to the settings in Chrome
and search for Bandwidth
Management. Now it's time to
change the setting to On. This
activity will be compressing HTTP
web pages with smoothed code
and replace the images with lower
quality. In this way, it can
accelerate internet connection
when you open a web page.
If you are not satisfied with it, you
need something more complex. You
need to write a chrome: // flags /
in the omnibox. The page that will
be shown later contains a variety
of functions. The function you need
to look is # max-tiles-for-
interes-area. Select the function
and change the settings from the
default to 512 This will make
Chrome work quickly in the filter
page. But remember, this setting
will take less RAM usage.
If you want a more extreme
settings, you can enable # enable-
spdy4a2. With this, you will utilize
the Google network protocol that
has the potential to speed up
internet connection in a fast time.
But, this one function can drain an
internet connection.

Instal and run Firefox directly on the Android device

Now you can install Firefox on
Android OS. Firefox for Android
supports the "Open Web Apps"
Mozilla, which allows you to install
and run Firefox OS applications
directly on the Android device.
Firefox Marketplace now serves as
an alternative to the Android App
Store, such as the Amazon App
Mozilla wants to change the default
smartphone applications with
Cross-Platform Web applications.
You will be able to buy apps from
the MarketPlace Firefox OS or third-
party app store. This application will
then run on Firefox OS, Android and
ideally every other platform. Your
application will not be tied to one
platform, so you can still use it
even if you switch from Android to
another platform.
Firefox OS is all about the web.
Firefox OS is actually a web
application, but it was written
specifically for Firefox and Firefox
use the new API to access the
dialer, sensor devices, and other
features. Mozilla provides Firefox for
Android applications, and
applications Firefox uses the Gecko
rendering engine of Mozilla.
Because Firefox for Android and
Firefox OS is built on the same
technology, applications Firefox OS
will now work on Android via the
Firefox browser. Apple does not
allow developers to create their
own browser engine, so it is not
possible on the iPhone and iPad.
They also can be run on a PC via
Firefox OS Simulator.
It is a long-term vision Mozilla.
Meanwhile, Firefox OS has not been
released. Mozilla is clearly hoping
that the platform is available for
Android users this will encourage
developers to create more Open
Web Apps.
First, you need the latest version of
Firefox for Android installed on your
device. You can download it from
the Google Play Store.
If you have an Android device
without Google Play Store, you can
download the APK file directly from
the Firefox Mozilla FTP servers. You
have to keep Firefox keep updated
on your device to do this, download
the new APK file and install Firefox
on a regular basis on your device.
In the android settings, you have to
activate the checkbox
Sources" to install the Firefox
application from the Marketplace. If
not, you will see the message
"Install blocked." Open the
Android Settings application, tap
Security, and check the
This option allows you to install
apps from outside of Google Play,
for example, from the Amazon App
Store, Firefox Marketplace, or
directly from the developer's
website. Be careful when using it.
Do not install pirated apps or you
could be infected with malware.
Most malware comes from outside
Google's Android Play Store.
After activating the settings, now
you can browse the store, select
the application, and install it. You
will see the installation screen
Android application that unusual
when you to tap the "Free" or price
to install the application.
This application seems to run
independently of Firefox. You will
see an icon in the app drawer, and
you can place a direct shortcut to
the application on the homescreen.
Open the application and it will run
in full screen mode. It's the same
as the way a web application
running in Firefox OS.
This application uses Firefox in the
background. If you uninstall Firefox
from the Android app and tried to
install the Firefox OS, you will be
taken directly to Google Play so
you can reinstall Firefox for Android.
Because this application will not run
without installing Firefox.
Open Web Apps even get its own
entry in the Android multitasking
interface, so they do not fall apart
in the Firefox browser tab.
This feature is very amazing. You
will get access to the App Store is
full of amazing web applications
that work across platforms, so you
can get the application from there.
Your application can then follow
you from platform to platform, so
you can easily switch between
Firefox and the Android OS without
losing your applications.
Actually very few applications
available in the market MarketPlace
Firefox OS. Some applications are
available, such as Twitter, just
basically a web application. Default
Twitter app for Android offers a
better experience. Firefox also rely
on the application of web
technology, and the technology is
not as mature as the mobile
platform - the default application
will give you better performance.
Firefox is still noticeably slower than
Chrome on Android.

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