Facebook is assembling "Drone" to bring Internet access

facebook drone

Facebook is assembling "Drone" to bring Internet access

Drone - which has the same wing span as a Boeing 737 - will operate at an altitude of 27 km in the air, and can fly up to 90 days. According to Facebook, these drones can provide Internet access at speeds of 10 gigabits per second and will be tested in the United States at the end of the year.

According to Jay Parikh, vice president of engineering and infrastructure up, the design of these drones are made in the UK by a team of space Facebook. "Our goal is to accelerate the development of technology that can drastically change the economics of the Internet infrastructure deployment," said Parikh.

"We tried several different approaches to overcome this challenge, including aircraft, satellites, and solutions at ground level. "Our intention is not to build this network and operate it themselves, but to accelerate the advancement of this technology to be a solution that can be used by operators and other partners.

" Laser This dronedrone is the latest initiative in the scheme internet.org Facebook, projects designed to bring the Internet to developing countries. This strategy will help Facebook to increase the number of users, the main requirements that will satisfy investors. According to Parikh, this drone technology should be seen as a "significant breakthrough".

"They designed and tested the laser beam can be accurately deliver data at a speed of 10 Gb per second - about 10 times faster than the best available rate - the coin-sized targets at a distance of 16 km. £ "Now we begin to examine this laser in real-world conditions."

"If completed, our laser communication system can be used to connect our drones with each other and to the Earth's surface. This allows us to create a network that reaches the stratosphere even the most remote parts of the world." Even so, there are allegations that Facebook expand beyond its core business of this has an evil purpose.

Internet.org angered the technology community in India when it was launched there. Facebook offers free mobile internet access to some sites, but not to the entire internet. Internet companies in the country said that the move gives an unfair advantage in the marketplace. They also warned that Facebook can track what is being done by the user in the service.

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