Whatsapp is tinged with red and blue with a new mod [download apk]

The guys at XDA is ingeniously more and more to "break the rules" traditional most popular messaging app gave millions of people use it and have no intention of moving to telegram, much more customizable.

WhatsApp few months ago has stuck Whatsapp + convenient and much more customizable version of dull green, the guys at XDA have tried again, hoping that not noticing, or at least pretend to do anything (we cross our fingers).
Basically there is nothing wrong to use a more colorful (and cute) of the classic, the 90 cents they pay more! (How is it right to do so)

Start using the app is very simple just follow the simple steps:
(No need to root)

    Save conversations: settings> IM settings> run up
    Download the apk from HERE
    Uninstall the original app *
    Install Whatsapp Red

* NOTE: If you have the app file manager ES careful not to erase the data through the popup that appears, otherwise you have to repeat the process

For now the app has no particular changes, which we hope will be enriched in the future

To download:
Whatsapp is tinged with red and blue with a new mod [download apk]
    Red HERE
    Blue HERE

Do not worry if you go for updates on settings Click "Check for Update", the language is the system!
This will download?

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